Sophia Webster

I have always absolutely adored Sophia Webster Designers, and this season is no different. I love how different her styles are. When you where a Sophia Webster shoe everyone knows it. The design is so iconic. The most famous design is of course the butterfly wings on the back of the shoes. Now I am more than happy to save for a pair of these wonderful shoes. I have completely fallen in love.

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The Cape

So autumn has just arrived and its that type of weather where it is too hot to wear a coat but too cold not to wear a jumper or jacket of some kind. So I want to share with you the perfect in-between, The Cape. I have loved capes even before that iconic AW14 Burberry Fashion show when Cara Delevingne walked down the runway in her very own personalised Burberry cape. It’s safe to say that a lot of women and men all around the world were hoping to get their hands on one of those, I’m still waiting for mine. I have found a few that you can literally wear with anything and it just brings the outfit right up to date. Zara and Asos have some great ones right now that are on my next pay shopping list.

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As I’m off to Disneyland in September I have seen so much Disney inspiration clothes in the shops right now. Both of these pieces below can be found in Zara. I love how the little hints of Disney can be found in clothes and still make it fashionable. Zara are doing some great examples of this, and they are cheap too. I have seen some very out there pieces in Primark too so if you want everyone to know that you love Disney this is probably the place for you. Or the Disney Store. But my personal style i love the way Zara has done it. I will be purchasing this items very soon. photo 1 (2)           photo 2 (3)

Thailand & Cambodia 2014






So my long awaited trip is finally here. I leave for Thailand tomorrow morning at 10am. So It is going to be a very early start for me. Saying goodbye to my mum will be very emotional I’m sure. I have a stop over in Dubai which I am really excited about, everyone has told me that the international airport is amazing. Not really looking forward to my mission of a journey but it will be totally worth it Im sure. I’m out there for around 2 months but guess I shall just see whats out there. I could be there for much longer. I have never been to this part of the world and I am looking forward to seeing the different culture. I have packed all my clothes and my rucksack is so heavy that I almost fell over with it on, it only weighs 9kg and my weight limit is 30kg. No idea how I could carry that !! I felt like I didnt actually have that many clothes to take but wow it feels heavy. So I will try and add as much as I can when I can out there. But Adios and see you in 2months time 🙂 


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I love venturing into central London for the day, especially when that day is spending time in Harrods. I could happily get lost in Harrods and be very happy. It is just such a amazing place. I would recommend that weekends do get very busy in Harrods so I would explore in the week. So many different floors to explore, firstly as soon as you walk in all you see are designer handbags. After dreaming of all the handbags that I can not afford I worked my way to the food halls. WOW chocolate rooms, cake rooms and little restaurants all around. Every food lovers dream. Everything just looks so beautifully displayed that I wouldn’t possibly want to eat it. After the food halls were explored we made our way to womenswear, pretty colours, vibrate prints every girls dream. Although I could never afford any clothes in Harrods I love looking around at the beautiful outfits and shoes. Christmas is also a great time to visit, it just looks beautiful inside and out.


Hand Jewellery


I have never really been a ring fan but when I saw this amazing leaf ring in Primark I just had to buy it. I have been looking for a leaf ring for a while now and I just loved how big it was and yet quite simple. It was also £2.50 I couldn’t really not buy it for that price. I’m loving silver jewellery right now and I feel like it really brings the outfit together. They have some great statement rings in Primark right now so I think I will stock up.

Successful Shopping Trip


One of my favorite things to do is shop!! I could never get bored when I have clothes all around me. Today I met my friend that I haven’t seen in about 2 years and of course we went shopping. Now I must say I had a very successful trip today. If you can believe this, I actually had some money left over on my Riverisland gift cards that I got for my birthday and so the items that I brought from Riverisland were technically free. Now you cant get much better than that !! I brought an amazing print crop top which was only £12, Riverisland are doing some great crop tops at the moment and are only £12. I also brought this stripe print skirt with palm print. I thought it was really summery and would look great with my knee high gladiator sandals. We had a quick look in primark to see if anything caught our eyes and yes it did, brought these great sandals and they were only £4. Now the price alone was great but they are so comfy too. Needless to say a successful outing if I do say so myself.


Mean Girls




This month was the 10th anniversary for the most amazing film Mean Girls. I really cant believe it has been 10 years since it came out. I do actually feel really old. The film was such a great film to watch and it is just so funny, there are some great one liners in the film and this was why I just loved this t-shirt from Riverisland. The top would look great with a bright red lip and some high-waisted jeans, you could go denim blue or black. Would look great !!