This was a very exciting week for me !! I was approached via email by a company called OutfitZoo, the business is known for working with Fashion Bloggers and also giving inspiration to fashion lovers. The website puts together outfits from products from the likes of Topshop, Asos and Missguided. The website is great for inspiration on what looks good together or if you just have no idea what to wear for a special occasion. They have loads of different outfit ideas, not just for the party season but also some great casual looks too.

I was asked to create an outfit for them and as its Christmas Party season I decided to put together a great outfit for the office Christmas Party. Some people find it quite difficult to find an outfit for the Christmas work party, you want to look sexy and nice but you don’t want to look inappropriate as your boss is there. Have a look at what I put together on the link below. Also have a look at the other outfits they have up on the website. Hope you enjoy.



Winter Wonderland

IMG_3701         IMG_3702

I braved the cold weather and ventured out to Hyde Park to go Ice Skating. Winter Wonderland was the place this year and it was just amazing. The rink was really beautiful, a big Christmas Tree in the middle made it feel even more Christmasy. There was also a women in the middle signing Christmas songs which was magical. It is such a great activity to do too especially this time of year. There are so many different activities to do if Ice Skating isn’t your thing. Little market stalls that sell the most beautiful items, Bar’s with Mulled Wine and Mulled Cider which is delicious and great on these cold winter nights. But if your are planning on going this year I must advise not to go on the weekend as it is so busy. I mean it will be busy all the time but the weekend it is especially busy. Other wise I hope you wrap up warm and have a great time just like I did.