Sophia Webster

I have always absolutely adored Sophia Webster Designers, and this season is no different. I love how different her styles are. When you where a Sophia Webster shoe everyone knows it. The design is so iconic. The most famous design is of course the butterfly wings on the back of the shoes. Now I am more than happy to save for a pair of these wonderful shoes. I have completely fallen in love.

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The Cape

So autumn has just arrived and its that type of weather where it is too hot to wear a coat but too cold not to wear a jumper or jacket of some kind. So I want to share with you the perfect in-between, The Cape. I have loved capes even before that iconic AW14 Burberry Fashion show when Cara Delevingne walked down the runway in her very own personalised Burberry cape. It’s safe to say that a lot of women and men all around the world were hoping to get their hands on one of those, I’m still waiting for mine. I have found a few that you can literally wear with anything and it just brings the outfit right up to date. Zara and Asos have some great ones right now that are on my next pay shopping list.

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