Thailand & Cambodia 2014






So my long awaited trip is finally here. I leave for Thailand tomorrow morning at 10am. So It is going to be a very early start for me. Saying goodbye to my mum will be very emotional I’m sure. I have a stop over in Dubai which I am really excited about, everyone has told me that the international airport is amazing. Not really looking forward to my mission of a journey but it will be totally worth it Im sure. I’m out there for around 2 months but guess I shall just see whats out there. I could be there for much longer. I have never been to this part of the world and I am looking forward to seeing the different culture. I have packed all my clothes and my rucksack is so heavy that I almost fell over with it on, it only weighs 9kg and my weight limit is 30kg. No idea how I could carry that !! I felt like I didnt actually have that many clothes to take but wow it feels heavy. So I will try and add as much as I can when I can out there. But Adios and see you in 2months time 🙂 


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