Successful Shopping Trip


One of my favorite things to do is shop!! I could never get bored when I have clothes all around me. Today I met my friend that I haven’t seen in about 2 years and of course we went shopping. Now I must say I had a very successful trip today. If you can believe this, I actually had some money left over on my Riverisland gift cards that I got for my birthday and so the items that I brought from Riverisland were technically free. Now you cant get much better than that !! I brought an amazing print crop top which was only £12, Riverisland are doing some great crop tops at the moment and are only £12. I also brought this stripe print skirt with palm print. I thought it was really summery and would look great with my knee high gladiator sandals. We had a quick look in primark to see if anything caught our eyes and yes it did, brought these great sandals and they were only £4. Now the price alone was great but they are so comfy too. Needless to say a successful outing if I do say so myself.



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