My Travel Diary

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I absolutely love travelling, I love going to new places and seeing new cultures all over the world, experiencing new exciting things. I have been so lucky to have explored so much of the world already but there is still so much of the world unexplored by moi.

This part of my blog will show you all the amazing places that I have been too.

DisneyLand Paris 

So I am a massive disney fan, and I can honestly say I will always be one. You never get too old. I am lucky enough to have a friend thats works there and she invited us to come an stay with her over the weekend. I couldn’t contain my excitement, Iv been to disneyland before but every time I am as excited as the last. We got on the over night coach to Paris from London Victoria and we arrived in Paris early the next day. We arrived at Disneyland and the first day we just looked around the disney village at all the shops, and we did what I do best shopping. I was a kid in the candy store, I wanted to buy everything. That night we went to the Wild West Show and watched cowboys and indians on horses it was amazing. The second day was our day in the parks, the first park we went to was the studios. We went on loads of rides and saw loads of the characters too. Then we went over to the main Disney park. We just stood there in amazement, it was just so magical to see to see the castle and all the shops around. Its just an amazing place to be. We watched the parade and looked out for our friend Princess Anna. We finished our magical day by watching the fireworks show. It was so beautiful and a great way to end our magical weekend.





My 2 month trip to south east Asia started off in Bangkok, Thailand. I was so lucky to see so much of Thailand in such a short space of time. I met some of the most amazing people too. I did one month in Thailand and one month in Cambodia. I started in Bangkok and worked my way down Thailand. On our way to the islands we stayed at this National Park called Koh Sok. Fresh water lake and we just swam all day was just the best. After staying at the National Park we made our way to the coast where we stayed in Koh Phangan which is home to the full moon parties. Of course I had to do one while I was out there. Was so much fun and we also experienced the Jungle Party too. Was so much different to the full Moon as it was set in the Jungle (hence the name)  We made our way over to the  other side of Thailand to Koh Phi Phi, it was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. While we were there we visited Maya Bay which was where ‘The Beach’ was set. It was breathtaking. After staying in the south I wanted to see what the North was like and so I made my way to Chiang Mai. I absolutely loved this place, I did so many different activities from zip lining to washing with the elephants. I absolutely loved Thailand, the food the people just made my whole experience even better.


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My second country on my trip was Cambodia I was so excited to go and see Angkor Wat which is a very famous temple in Cambodia. It was absolutely breathtaking, on this trip I have seen a lot of temples but none like this. I was lucky enough to experience the sunset and the sunrise.  I did have to get up super early but it was so worth it. I started in the top of Cambodia and worked my way down to the coast. Met some great people on the way too. After Siem Reap I stayed in Phnom Pehn for a while, visited a few markets and spent way to much money.  We made our way to the coast and stayed on an off the beaten track island called Koh Rong. The island was great. No air-con in site  though so was really hot !! The island is know for the glowing plankton which was amazing. When we all went into the sea they were all glowing around us. Cambodia was such an amazing country and I really did meet some people that I can be life long friends with.




New York City

I was so lucky that for my 21st birthday I was given a once in a lifetime trip to New York and Las Vegas. It was such an amazing trip and I have some amazing memories from it that I will remember for the rest of my life. I spent new years eve in New York and it was just amazing, Times Square the next day was just full of confetti. I just cant wait to go back. Maybe not in January as it was so so cold !!!


DSCF7975      20121230_122906

Las Vegas

Next Stop was Las Vegas, as soon as I got to Vegas the room was upgraded in Caesars Palace to a suite. I couldn’t contain my excitement !! Caesars Palace was just as amazing as what it looks like in the movies. As I just tured 21 too I was aloud to gamble and as you all know Las Vegas is probably the best place ever to do that. It was like another world. Completely different to New York. There is so much to do, I definitely needed more than 3days in this place.

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           20130103_110153           20130103_174037

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My Caribbean Cruise 

2010 was the year that me and my family took a trip of an absolute lifetime, 2 weeks in the Caribbean !! Island hoping everyday, seeing new countries and cultures, drinking cocktails on the most beautiful beaches in the world. While we were out having the most amazing time, the Iceland volcano erupted, as all the flights were cancelled unfortunately we had to stay on the cruise ship for another week (what a bummer).

First Stop Miami

We flew from London to Miami where are boat was there to meet us. We go up early so we could look around Miami. Such a nice start to the cruise, the sun was shining the sunglasses were on. We had a nice breakfast on the beach and then before we new it we were on the boat on the way to the first destination.

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St Maarten

Day 3 we arrived at St Maarten, getting into port the sea was crystal clear and to top it off dolphins were jumping next to the ship. We walked around the island and then we just relaxed on the beach after having a ride on the jet ski. This was so fun but the water did keep splashing in my eyes, but after I put my sunglasses on it was great. It was such a lovely island, the island is really famous for having the most dangerous runway. The planes take off just meters from the beach.

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The next stop was Jamaica, as soon as we got off the ship we had a bus waiting for us. The bus took us to the most amazing beach which was hidden away by trees. As soon as we got to the little piece of heaven, we had cocktails waiting. We went snorkeling and then just relaxed on the beach. It was just beautiful. We also visited the Jamaican Bobsled cafe, now if anyone does not know what this is then you clearly haven’t seen Cool Running’s. You should be ashamed!!

holiday 061 holiday 055

British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands was not like any of the other islands that I visited, tourism has not really touched it which is a good thing. Its still very quite. While we were on these islands we visited the secret baths. It was a trek to get too but it was worth it. One of the most beautiful places I have ever been. You will definitely need to wear comfy shoes.

holiday 167           photo (48)

Caymen Islands

When we visited The Cayman Islands I was so excited we had loads of activities planned, our first activity was to visit Stingray City, it was around an hour boat ride from the drop off point. When we finally arrived it a shallow area in the middle of the ocean, then all of a sudden I was surrounded by hundreds of sting rays. It was the most amazing experience. We headed back to the main land and it was our next activity, Swimming with dolphins !! I have always loved dolphins and have been lucky enough to swim with them before. This was really special because the instructor asked me to show how it was done to the other people in the pool. This was probably the best day on the cruise.

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Mexico was such a beautiful relaxing place, we visited a small town on the coast and went to this amazing beach. We went kayaking  in a clear kayak and saw the most amazing fish and coral. The weather wasn’t the nicest, it was the only rain shower that we saw out there. It was still hot even while it was raining. Such a beautiful place with amazing food.

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We visited the Bahamas 3 times while we were on the cruise, every week the Bahamas is the last destination. The first time we visited the Bahamas we went to Paradise Island, this is were the Atlantis Hotel is. We looked around the island, at the amazing designer shops, at the Casino and also the Aquarium. The second time we visited we went to the water park that is based in the hotel. We were glad that we had an extra visit to the Bahamas because we didn’t really look around Nassau which is the main island in the Bahamas. We found a lovely beach that played reggae music. Was a great way to end our holiday.

holiday 106          holiday 181

  holiday 177   holiday 107


Tunisia was such a different holiday to anywhere I have been before. We were lucky enough to travel all the way around Tunisia on a trip with the holiday company. We did loads of different activities out there. We saw the history of the country which was really fascinating, and also amazing to see how different cultures live. We visited people living in caves and were lucky enough to look around. It was a great place to visit but I probably wouldn’t go again.

216018_1821790337618_1025984427_31772102_4293427_n      216534_1821803657951_1025984427_31772173_176946_n

215270_1821812418170_1025984427_31772213_6938196_n   225194_1821796057761_1025984427_31772127_4750423_n


Last year I was lucky enough to visit Egypt, I have never been before and I love visiting places that I have never been before. The hotel was based in Sharm El Sheikh, there were so many different hotels. While I was out there I was lucky enough to visit Cairo. I have always been fascinated with Egyptian history and was so happy to visit Cairo. I saw the Pyramids and also the Sphinx. This holiday was also full of activities. I went para-sailing, quad biking and I also tried my first lesson in scuba diving. Now if you have never been scuba diving before I recommend you do it. It was the most amazing experience that I think I have ever done. The coral reef in the red sea was just breathtaking. I just felt like I was in another world, I just wish I was a mermaid.

PTDC0016       PTDC0093

PTDC0128      PTDC0002


I have been to Ibiza twice, the first time I stayed in the best hotel Ibiza Rocks, was just an amazing experience. So fun !! I went out there with a group of girl friends and we visited all the major clubs, Pacha, Amnesia, Privilege and also Space. It was just a drinking cocktails and having fun holiday. We met some great people while we was out there too. We saw some great DJ acts out there including David Guetta. When you stay at Ibiza Rocks there is always a musical act on every Wednesday, while we stayed Tinie Tempah was playing. He was just amazing !! I also recommend going to Mambo bar to watch the sunset. It does get really busy so I would get down there early.

284218_2075239873698_1025984427_32044723_5900291_n     285572_10150259320225875_708525874_7790732_1532369_n 285453_2075267354385_1025984427_32044803_3181458_n    426628_10151025324600875_1911565981_n


Barcelona was a really last minute holiday, booked the day before and I was off. The hotel was probably the nicest hotel I have ever stayed in. The room was glass floor to ceiling windows so you could see all of Barcelona.  A roof top pool and an amazing spa too. A 5* luxury hotel was a great little weekend break. I have been to Barcelona many times and I always visit The Ramblas, its a great place for tourists to go. There are loads of little stalls and artists painting. Its just a lovely city to visit. One of the only cities in Europe to have a beach. Bonus !!

165824_441677302516860_1872008102_n   554405_441677565850167_360683288_n



Amsterdam was such an amazing city, little ally ways, trams and rivers. The main way to get around the city is by bike. I think I saw about a million bikes when I was there. Everyone has one !! If someone doesnt lock there bike up your free to take it. It was such a idyllic city, so peaceful and beautiful. I loved it there and there is so much to see I recommend going for more than a weekend. There is so much history to see and also the shopping is great.

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