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 The things I could not live without, and shouldn’t live without !!

NYX Matte Lip Cream / NYX Lingerie

I have found a new love for a cruelty free matte lipstick. I was definitely a little hesitant about  it at first due to the price, only £5.50 a colour !! I tried it and absolutely fell in love, the feel on my lips was amazing it felt so light weight and the look it gave was better than my previous Mac Matte lipsticks. I recommend you give NYX matte lip cream a try.

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Liz Earle 


Finally I have found a product that makes my feel so clean and fresh, Liz Earle thank you for introducing me to your products. Cruelty free too which is even more of a bonus. Such a great price and easy to get too, you can buy these products in your high street boots. Win Win !!

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L’Occitane French Beauty Range

L’Occitane is a french beauty brand that I just feel in love with a few years ago when I stayed in Paris. They had little tester products in my hotel room. They are just amazing, the smell and the feel of my skin afterwards is just a dream. The products are quite pricey but the big bottle of lemon shower gel can last for about 6 months. The lemon shower gel is my favourite !! The soaps are great too, they dont leave that horrible soggy bottom that cheap soaps do. Which also ruins your bath. The soap just absorbs all the water, its great !! I think I am a little obsessed though, the bottom of my bathroom cabinet is just full of L’Occitane products.

Statement Necklace

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I absolutely love a great statement necklace, I have so many and I just feel they can really bring a boring outfit to life. I love the necklaces in Zara, they are such good prices for how amazing they are. I am more of a fan of Silver statement necklaces just because I feel that sometimes gold can look cheap. That is just my personal style though. Or maybe I just haven’t found a gold necklace that will change my mind. A great statement necklace can be great on holiday too, they look great with plain colured maxi dresses for an evening look.


Cocoa Brown Tan

Usually when I use fake tan I only use it when I go out, but this tan was so natural looking and light to wear I have ended up not going out without using it!! Now this tan does last for about 5-7 days so I don’t put it on every night. The first time I used it I was very nervous because it was going on so dark and I am not used to being that dark especially because I haven’t been on holiday yet. I left it on for an hour and the washed it off in the shower. I didn’t really notice any different to my original skin tone until about 9 at night, about 5 hours since I used the product. I noticed I was a little darker but no really anything major. I did want to be a little dark so the next day I applied it again and this time I left it on for 2 hours. I washed it off and again I couldn’t really notice any different, but when I woke up in the morning I had such a nice natural glow on my skin. Now I am not a tanning expert but I had no streaks and my elbows and knees looked very normal. Win Win !! I absolutely love this tan and I have told all my friends about it.






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